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Cool Gadgets Expected to be Launched in 2019

Very Cool Gadgets

Cool Gadgets Expected to be Launched in 2019

From the day mankind invented the wheel, we have been constantly innovating, and we have come to point where we are on the verge of shifting to another planet and start spoiling it. From time to time the predominant population will think there is no way that something better than this could happen and someone comes up with an idea which creates a revolution. So no one can deny the fact technological innovations have always managed to exceed the expectations and surprise us. In this article, we will see some of the cool gadgets that are expected to be launched in 2019.

 Foldable TV

foldable TV

We are still in shock that a foldable phone is being launched, before overcoming that shock now comes the foldable TV. I really have no idea what is there with Korean companies and foldable things. It was Samsung that introduced foldable phone now LG is introducing foldable TV. It is said more than a decade of research is involved in the development of the foldable TV.

Moving suitcase

Have you heard this quote “necessity is the mother of all invention” well I’d like to differ. It is not necessity “laziness is the mother of all invention.” Just like a Tesla, it has self-drive technology that can also be shifted to manual. It has GPS tracker, charging port and is filled with a lot of features. Ovis is the company that designed and manufactured this suitcase.

Smart toilet

One of the world-renowned sanitary ware manufacturers Kohler has come with amazing (weird) innovation. In the beginning, when smartphones flooded the market, most of us were so astonished that a mobile phone can do so much. But this is a very different league. No man in his wildest dreams would have thought that toilets can become smart. Guess what? It is loaded with a lot of features that include sound speakers, ambient mood lightening, and the best part is that you can pair your Alexa with it. Kohler just made nature call a blissful experience.

Smart Clock


After the weird one comes the acceptable one.  If we were speaking to a TV or a small speaker ten years back, the world would have thought that we were abnormal. But now interacting with gadgets is a normal thing that you can see in every house household. One thing is for sure; if a toilet can become smart, a clock can become smart by all means. The Lenovo Smart Clock is a stunning piece of beauty. Some might think what is so smart about this. It tells time which is mandatory for a clock. You can pair it with Google Assistant and make it work with voice commands. It shows temperature, you can charge your phone with it and the display adjusts itself according to the time of the day. For a clock, things can’t get better than this.

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