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Below are answers to questions we often get asked about the Clean Reader concept.  If you have additional questions please visit our Contact page and submit your questions using our contact form.

What devices is Clean Reader available for?

You can download Clean Reader for iOS devices HERE and Android devices HERE.

Should I use the “Clean”, “Cleaner”, or “Squeaky Clean” setting?

The “Clean” setting only blocks major swear words from display.  This includes all uses of the F-word we could find.  The “Cleaner” setting blocks everything that “Clean” blocks plus more.  “Squeaky Clean” is the most restrictive setting and will block the most profanity from a book including some hurtful racial terms.  We recommend readers start reading a book with one of the settings and see what they think?  If they’re on the “Clean” setting and there’s still too many swear words being displayed on the screen in your opinion, then change to the “Cleaner” or “Squeaky Clean” setting and see which one works best for you.

What should I do if I find an offensive word that isn’t being blocked by Clean Reader?

Try a stronger filter setting and see if the word is blocked.  If it isn’t, please send us the word/phrase using the Contact form.

How did you come up with the idea for Clean Reader?

One day our oldest child came home from school and she was a little sad.  We asked her what was wrong and she said she had been reading a book during library time and it had a few swear words in it.  She really liked the book but not the swear words.  We told her that there was probably an app for this type of thing that would replace profanity with less offensive words and perhaps we should get her a tablet that she could use to read books with.  To our surprise there wasn’t an app like this.  The more we thought about this idea the more we wanted it to be a reality.  Eventually we decided we would do all we could to bring Clean Reader to the world.  We’ve been putting as much time and money into it as we could over the last few years and we’re excited to see it launch soon!

Is Clean Reader legal or does it break copyright law?

We’ve discussed this with several lawyers and they have all agreed that Clean Reader does not violate copyright law because it doesn’t make changes to the file containing the book.  All Clean Reader does is change the way the content is displayed on the screen.  The user has the option of turning off the profanity filtering tool if desired.  No changes are made to the original book the user downloads when they buy a book.