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Google strengthening it’s grip on Android hardware?

Google strengthening it’s grip on Android hardware?

The thing has been stirring up taunts on the Web. On the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro’s box, it clearly states that the smartphone has “with easy access to the Google apps you use most.”

It would be easy to see Xiaomi as a well-meaning troll to its rival Huawei – who is no longer allowed to use Google on their phones – but it’s not. According to Xiaomi, the presence of this sentence on the box of her smartphone is a request from Google.

More precise guidelines for manufacturers

XDA Developers went to verify Xiaomi’s claims by consulting the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA). A document that all manufacturers wishing to use Google services and applications in their devices are obliged to sign and submit.

However, none of the MADA lines consulted by XDA suggests that manufacturers have any new obligations regarding such an indication on their packaging. However, Xiaomi claims to be the first manufacturer to sign the latest version of MADA, which would, therefore, oblige OEMs to include such a statement on their boxes.

According to a Xiaomi engineer who spoke on his personal Weibo account, future smartphones from Motorola and other brands will also carry this statement.

To conclude his message on a calming note, Xiaomi calls for “smooth cooperation between all partners to create a more productive ecosystem. One way to assure Huawei of its support while at the same time trying to integrate itself into the high-end smartphone market to replace the previous king, Huawei.

Google strengthens its grip on Android

Already pinned on numerous occasions for abuse of dominant position on Android, Google opts here for a most provocative attitude. According to Xiaomi, Mountain View’s firm is now forcing OEMs to explicitly indicate on the box of their devices that they have Google applications and services.

If it was initially suggested that Xiaomi was gently mocking Huawei by thumbing his nose at him, this is not the case. So we can expect all future Android smartphones to include this strange mention on their packaging.

Xiaomi has taken the lead and issued a press release to clarify the situation and get rid of the trolling accusations. In its message, the manufacturer explains that this statement is only there to meet new expectations from their partner (Google) and that it has nothing more engaging than the message “Powered by Android” when starting a smartphone, or the label “Intel Inside” affixed to many computers.

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