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Must have Android Apps


Must have Android Apps

It is an undeniable fact that Google Play Store is a place where you find apps for almost everything. Necessity is a perspective, and it will vary from one individual to another. From a huge pool of 3.5 million applications, it is really hard to zero down to a few that might be necessary. We are not going to consider the messaging apps, social media apps, and streaming apps because we all know for a fact that whether we need it or not, it will be there in our smartphones. We are going to list some apps based on the utility value of it.


Evernote is like a one-stop shop that can manage a lot of things. You can create lists, record voice, clip your webpage and do a lot more. This is one of the most useful and common applications that you would have seen in many mobiles. One of the important features in this app is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  With this feature, you can search the text in the photos.

Google Pay

google pay

Google Pay is the latest offering from the tech giant Google. Even though the payment service app joined the race very late when compared to everyone in the competition, it gained instant popularity. There is a cash award for every signup, and if you are lucky, you can win prizes for every transaction. The USP of the app is, it is very simple to use. You can transfer and receive money with just the mobile number linked to your bank account.

Share It

People who are in their 20s and 30s are the ones who can really understand how this app created an impact in the file transfer between devices. There were times when people used IR or Bluetooth to transfer files. For files of small size, they might be fine for big size files it used to take hours from the transfer to complete. With Share It, you can transfer a file of one GB within a few seconds.

lastpass app

Last Pass


Last Pass is a password manager that lets you save and manage passwords and login credentials. All you need to do is save the passwords and lock the app with the password or fingerprint. The app cannot be opened without the master password or your fingerprint. Even though the normal version has everything that you need, you can buy the premium version which is very cheap.

Amazon Kindle

We all know what Amazon kindle is all about. The app which offers almost every book on the planet is one of the must-have applications in your mobile. If you are willing, you can pay and read the new books if not there are a lot of books available for free. Rather than scrolling down your Instagram or Facebook feed it is better to spend some quality time in this app that will have a positive impact in many ways.

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