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MWC 2019 – 5G, foldable tech…: smartphone manufacturers looking for redemption


MWC 2019 – 5G, foldable tech…: smartphone manufacturers looking for redemption

The Mobile World Congress has closed in Barcelona. A 2019 edition resolutely turned towards the future of the smartphone, which is available in 5G, foldable or as a camera.

The largest exhibition dedicated to mobility was held from February 25 to 28 in Barcelona. This year, it was difficult to miss the two significant trends represented by 5G and folding smartphones. For once, it was more technological concepts that were the stars of the show, more than the products themselves.

The 5G is almost there.

The new generation network has been the focus of attention and seems closer than ever. This year, 5G has moved from a vague and distant concept to a technical and commercial opportunity for the coming year.
5G is beginning to take shape. Admittedly, not all the demonstrations of the uses associated with them were particularly dazzling.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that few sectors will escape it. Through various applications such as video games, virtual reality or the autonomous car, manufacturers on all sides have tried to show that they are ready.

Most importantly, the MWC was the scene of the announcement of several 5G smartphones. The telephone giants have not missed the boat. Huawei held the top spot with his Mate X. Samsung had moved up the show by a week to announce a 5G version of its Galaxy S10. LG presented its V50 ThinQ, while Sony and OnePlus had 5G smartphone concepts in their suitcases. Alcatel, ZTE, Hisense and Xiaomi were also on deck with 5G mobiles.

Will tomorrow’s smartphone be foldable?

The 5G was the star on the service side, but on the product side, it was the folding smartphones that were in the spotlight. A few days before the show opened, Samsung had presented its Galaxy Fold, A terminal that has a small 4.6-inch screen and extends to provide a 7.3-inch display. In Barcelona, the announcement that focused the attention was that of Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer responded to its competitor with an even more attractive Mate X. The Huawei smartphone is based on an 8-inch screen that folds up to give the whole thing the shape of a 6-inch smartphone.

However, neither Huawei nor Samsung seemed ready. The handling of these products has been minimal. Royole, who had already presented her FlexPai at CES in Las Vegas, was also there. However, its terminal now looks quite rustic against those of the two leaders in the smartphone market.

The folding smartphone is still looking for its way but main players are about to release their first foldable phones by mid 2019.

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