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Triller, the application that wants to take millennials out of TikTok!

Triller, the application that wants to take millennials out of TikTok!

Playback is on the rise, and many apps want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Among them, we can count on Triller who’s goal is to take on the footsteps of the giant TikTok.

Does the lip sync giant have something to worry about?

While TikTok reigns as a king in the world of videos of young people singing in playback, a competing platform is on the rise. It is Triller, an application created in 2015 by developer David Leiberman and music video director Colin Tilley. Several entrepreneurs have since bought it.

A new way to promote music

To attract more young people, Triller has entered into agreements with Universal Music Group, Warner Music, and Sony Music. The objective is to let the users to use their playlists legally. It is undoubtedly one of the application’s main strengths, which, in the absence of letting you listen to indie music, allows you to discover the latest pop or hip-hop music in fashion.

According to, some artists are even starting to use the platform to promote their new songs. Instead of just posting a clip on YouTube, the trend is to playback your track, post it on Triller and then share it on other social networks. It is what rapper Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee did last October to promote a new title.

Playback app clone

The app is far from equaling the number of TikTok users (about 500 million), but it still claims 42 million downloads and 11 million active users. Widely used in France (Paris would be the second city in the world to use the application), Triller has also succeeded in attracting Léa Elui, the most followed influencer in the country. The latter has become the brand’s muse and produces videos with more than 2 million views.

As soon as the application opens, TikTok enthusiasts can have a feeling of déjà vu. And they are right. Between teenagers playing gangstas and young girls wiggling to music, we feel like we’re just on TikTok. Designed to help create music videos, it offers, like its rival, challenge, or funny videos that look alike. To “help” its users in the creation, the application uses an AI that makes the best sequences on its own.

But to survive in the world of teen social networks, Triller will have to conquer the Asian market. To achieve this, the platform expects to win between $50 million and $70 million in a future fundraising campaign. But will that be enough to dethrone the giant TikTok?

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